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Niccola is honored to be a student and teacher of the Ashtanga Yoga method as taught to her by the late Sri K. Pattabhi Jois in Mysore, India. She has been studying and practicing in this tradition since 2004 and is excited to bring her love of Ashtanga to the Central Coast of California!

Niccola is a passionate teacher who approaches and introduces the series in a fun, unique and non-competitive way. She firmly believes in the benefits of a committed, daily yoga practice and hopes to inspire you to find your own path. For the past eight years, she has had a successful following in Chicago and now brings her firsthand experience of this powerful method to Arroyo Grande, Pismo Beach, Santa Maria and San Luis Obispo!


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The Yummy Yogini


Let me explain myself



A chef’s wife/ yoga teacher’s guide on how NOT to make an “asana” out of yourself… off the mat and in the kitchen!

When’s Savasana?

Something that’s been irking me lately are students who leave not before savasana, not after it (like they should be doing) but actually DURING it! I feel like it’s one of the cardinal rules in yoga, in order to not only show respect to the other students and to the tradition of yoga, but for the teacher too! You know that part at the end of the class when your teacher says, “Namaste” to you and you say “Namaste” back? Well that’s kind of the whole point!  read more…

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