I’m writing this post today from my new favorite coffee shop in San Luis Obispo, called Kreuzberg, and it’s reminding me of my favorite spots in Chicago and on the east side of Providence where I would spend hours at a time reading, writing and people watching. It’s got a nice vibe with different sized couches, mismatched chairs and really cool art on the walls. I could spend all day here drinking this yummy Darjeeling tea but alas I have to teach my noon power flow class across the street soon!

On my way here, I was walking behind this little girl and her Grandma and she was talking all about her imaginary friend! Adorable! And then a suppressed memory of mine appeared out of the blue and I was reminded that I too used to have an imaginary friend- or three for that matter! Yes, three! They were all guys in their 20s (in my mind) and their names were Peach, Tom and Harry. Weird right? You have no idea of just how weird I am.. ask my husband. Better yet, ask my Ma who was the best sport when these three guys showed up!


Does anyone remember this movie about Fred, the imaginary friend?!

When we would get into the car, I would scold my Ma for not putting seat-belts on Peach, Tom and Harry and she would willingly oblige and play along. I would ask her to put extra placemats at the table so they could eat because they were hungry too- duh! She would roll her eyes but I know she enjoyed my use of imagination. The things you do when you are an only child, before your younger brother comes along! I have no idea where I got the names Tom and Harry for my friends, but I do remember my Ma always saying “peachy keen” and I thought that was funny so his name evolved out of that I think! I am laughing just remembering how “real” they were to me… for quite some time, I might add!

Speaking about peaches, Andy and I had a terrific dinner last night that you should make too! I bought all the ingredients for the salad and when Andy saw them he was like, “peaches and salmon? huh?” But they paired so well together in this “Big Salad” that I was absolutely make this again. And don’t be scared about cooking salmon. It literally should take you no more than 5 minutes to sauté in your pan, as long as your pan is hot enough. This is a healthy, clean meal so you should definitely enjoy a nice glass of wine with it!


Peachy Keen Salmon Salad- serves 2 


-1 piece of salmon, fresh if possible

-3 cups arugula and spinach

-1 large peach, sliced

-1 bunch of scallions

-1 packet Trader Joe’s Oh! My Omega Nuts

-4 small radishes

-olive oil

-salt and pepper



1. In a very hot sauté pan, add your oil, peaches, scallions and radishes and let brown.

IMG_4985 IMG_4987 IMG_4989

2. In a separate sauté pan, that is very hot, add some oil and place your salmon, skin side up, in it.


3. Wait about 2-3 minutes until you flip the salmon over. You’ll know it’s done when it’s pink on the edges.

IMG_4990 IMG_4992


4. Get your salad ready by tossing all the fruit, veggies and lettuce mix together.


5. Add the salmon last, as the focal point for your dish. Need a dressing? I used this Citrus one!


For all you fish-e-tarians out there like me!


Check out this beautiful sunset in Pismo Beach from last night… God, I love where I live!

 IMG_4996 IMG_4997 IMG_4998

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